Licensed General Contractors

  • Style & Options

    There are many different options to consider when designing a building.
  • Getting Started

    Whether it’s a pre-engineered metal building, a metal roof, or even steel siding, we can help.
  • Building Repairs

    Over the years we have implemented every conceivable repair on metal framing and sheeting systems.

Valor Steel Buildings

Baldwin County Metal Building Manafacturer & Builder

We are a manufacturer of steel buildings with general contracting capabilities in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. We can provide all sizes of standard and custom designed buildings such as; offices, homes, barns, retail stores, aircraft hangers, maintenance facilities, athletic field houses, churches, fire stations, warehouses, mini storage facilities, shops, garages, and utility buildings. No job is too big or too small. People think that all steel buildings are created equal, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve taken the time to shop around, you may have found that other companies have turned buying a steel building into an act almost like ordering a pizza. (Yeah, I’ll take the large 3 topping building with insulation, walk-in door, and a roll-up door to go please) The people you talk to come across as car salesmen and try to get you to make quick decisions not taking the time to educate you on what you are getting into. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, customers get taken advantage of and end up unhappy with their purchase. We operate under the premise that customers like to BUY rather than be SOLD. In order to truly BUY steel buildings, you need to be educated on what you want. Most buyers simply don’t know the questions to ask to be able to compare quotes apples to apples. We will spend the time to educate you on all the possible options. When you compare us to other companies, you will find that we beat 9 out of 10 companies on price, and you couldn’t pay double and get a higher quality building.

Serving Alabama Mississippi and Northwest Flordia Panhandle